Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Few of Ron Redding Designs

Just thought I would show you a few of his great designs
he has many more but these are some of my favorites
Silver, metallic squares on fine full bodied European paper
This is also a great ceiling paper and would work beautifully peared with the
"Vignette" paper on walls.

A Beautiful Damask
This comes in several color ways and looks stunning
Very French when mixed with "linen"
which also comes paperbacked and can be applied to wall

" Zen"
Grass cloth but weaves are in squares with Leaf pattern
This is a very unique grass cloth

" Tea house Parthenon"
Beautiful floral comes in several different color ways

"Natural Leaves"
Large leaf laid on top of metallic background
very unique must see in person to appreciate


J Santa Fe said...

Yes,yes --- - those metallic squares would be divine on a ceiling. A great pressed tin effect!

kate said...

gina, i love the tea house paper by ronald rhedding, i havent seen that before.