Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meeting with Ron Redding

This is so very exciting as anybody that is a Designer or appreciates textiles will know. To actually get to meet the Designer of the textile is a rarity and yesterday the one and only
Ron Redding came to my studio in Sarasota. I got to see his new lines of fabric and wallpaper and chat with him about the behind the scenes of putting together his great designs.
Ron Redding and myself 1/27/09
Ron Redding has been designing wallcoverings for most of his professional life and has become one of the most revered and celebrated designers in the industry.
In 1999 Ron was the recipient of the Wallcoverings industry's highest honor, the Allman Award, the forth designer ever to be so honored in it's 50 year history.

A view of inside my store
Light fixture is the Norm 69 it was a lot of fun to put together


Erin said...

What an honor for you!

Thanks for commenting on my blog! :) I am so glad you did, so I could check our your lovely blog. I too love turquoise and red...your colors on here are perfect!

What a great idea to have a blog focused on wallcovering. Your images are fantastic! I'll be back!

J ..de Santa Fe said...

What a beautiful store
a beautiful YOU!
Sending you lots of good wishes
and ..golden chocolate ....

sandra/tx said...

Congrats on that great honor! Your store looks amazing.

Amy Jemima said...

Your store is beautiful! It reminds me of the house I stayed at in France. Very chic!

TheDecoDetective said...

That's so exciting! You've got a cool store, too =)
Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you'll revisit!
Trudi xo

kate said...

What an honor!!! I knew you had it in you!! Congrates, from me, i wish i could have been there. Best to you...go for it.
If we shoot for the Moon, we will get the Stars...