Friday, January 30, 2009

Extraordinary Surfacing Materials

Yes this is Wallpaper
Maya Romanoff's newest invention, bringing the most beautiful, authentic materials within reach. This tropical veneer is easy to install, has a stain-resistant coating, and turns corners. Fantastic as a furniture inset, too.
Tiles available in original Mother of Pearl brick pattern, Aphrodite shell design, and 1-inch Mosaic.
Custom sizes for Mother of Pearl line items are available in dimensions divisible by 4" and 8". Mosaic & Aphrodite are available in custom sizes divisible by 1".
ALL items in the inlaid shell collections have a maximum dimension of 18" x 24".Color variation is inherent in the natural shell.
Close up of mother of Pearl Mosaic

What it looks like installed

real close up of Cheveron pattern
All pics and paper by Maya Romanoff


Miss Kris said...

Oh My Gosh! This is beautiful wallpaper and so different. So Lovely!

~Miss Kris~

Rekha said...

This is lovely...I love the color and the patterns too...just my kind-of-a-thing!