Monday, February 2, 2009

The Swan House

Traditionally known as one of the most recognized and photographed landmarks in Atlanta, Swan House is an elegant, classically styled mansion built in 1928 for the Edward H. Inman family, heirs to a cotton brokerage fortune.
The mansion, designed by famed Atlanta architect Philip Trammell Shutze, provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of this Atlanta family during the 1920s and 1930s. Philip Trammell Shutze, an architectural graduate of Georgia Tech, who went on to study European Architecture five additional years in Italy,was selected to be the architect for their building project. Due to his extended studies in Rome, the house adopted an Italian classical style with all the modern comforts including central heat, indoor plumbing and a telephone. The home took two years to build and cost $106,000 which Mr.Inman paid for in cash, during a time when the average house cost $2,000. Mrs. Inman admired swans which is quite noticeable throughout the residence.

Front of house

Rear entrance of house (can you believe it)

Entrance hall with free standing spiral staircase.

Mr. Inman's bedroom

The Formal Dining Room is the largest room and is quite colorful with hand painted Chinese style wallpaper covered in birds and trees. An interesting detail that was pointed out by the docent, was a bird attached with glue to this expensive hand painted wallpaper. When examined closely it appears his tail could put him in flight.
It is suggested this might be the handy work of the grandchildren?

Mrs. Inman's colorfully wallpapered bedroom.

The Library houses the most expensive item in the home, which is the elaborate fireplace mantel carved from linden wood.


kate said...

I knew you should stay longer when you come, i want to go there too, then maybe, we could live there also.

Things That Inspire said...

I have not been to the Swan House for many years, so it was nice seeing it again through your post! I drive by the house itself frequently, and always slow down so I can admire it. I love Shutze, and am getting quite adept at identifying the work of Shutze and fellow 20th century Atlanta architects Neil Reed and James Means.

Things That Inspire said...

Oops - I misspelled the architect's name - Neel Reid.

Miss Kris said...

Such a lovely estate! This is on my must see list when I hit Georgia this year. Thank you for the reminder!!!:)
~Miss Kris~

kate said...

gina, youve been tagged, see our blog to find out what to do and pass it on to your friends too

J Santa Fe said...

Love that Black/White entry .. .

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I don't know what's more beautiful - this house or those cowboy roses on your sidebar!! Beautiful! Thanks for posting this architectural gem!