Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nest Collection

Nest Collection
Schumacher takes a flight of fancy with this exquisite new collection of
Nest Wallcoverings. There are twenty-four wallcoverings that have been designed in a range of richly layered patterns that feature an array of luminous shades completely derived from nature.
Hera are a few.

Tigers Eye





Design Inspiration Crafted entirely by hand using all natural feathers, these textured wallcoverings offer a sense of luxury and the beauty that can only come from nature. Humanely gathered and arranged by hand on non-woven paper backed panels.
Feather your nest with this opulent and unique collection and create a world of natural beauty in your interior.


Design Lovely said...

I think I have to have that peacock wallcovering. Just gorgeous!
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J Santa Fe said...


sandra/tx said...

Those are wild! Wow!

Miss Kris said...

Love the Flights of Fancy~Niagara
Lots of Natural fun!!! Would love to see in a study flanked on one wall.

avant garde said...

oh my gosh...those are gorgeous! i love the texture they add and the peacock is so rich! love love love....:)

TheDecoDetective said...

Incredibly lovely!