Monday, October 26, 2009

To Market To Market...............

Well after 5 days in Tennessee I hopped a plane to Highpoint, NC
To Market with over a million square feet of furniture, lighting, accessories, etc.
Most vender's do not allow cameras
but here are a few pictures of some of my favorite places at market
Phillip Jefferies
Deco Wood

Combining two materials that have never been used together on the wall, Deco Wood is a combination of authentic wood veneer and finely woven hemp wallcoverings. Inspired by the bold modern lines of the Art Deco era, the collection interlays 1 1/4" strips of wood and hemp that are handlaid on a fine paper backing to create a magnificent chevron on your walls. Available in a range of five sophisticated colors.

Rocker glam hits the walls with the fun and fabulous ROCK STAR collection. Small and luminous glass beads are applied in a 1” circle pattern to glazed non-woven paper for a shimmering effect. Virtually seamless, the collection is light as a feather, a gem to install and available in seven rock star worthy colorations. Rock on!


Sofas of every color, style and design even a Platinum Sofa

Settees in all shapes and finishes

Duralee has a new line of furniture with some hip new fabrics
I also visited Habersham but could not post any photos
they have a terrific line from
living room, home office, dressing room,
kitchens, dining and more.
I was not aloud to take any pictures but when I saw the women's dressing room I had tears starting to glisten my eyes it was so amazing.
Market is fun and informative but a lot of walking.
I bought 2 oil paintings and when the get delivered I will post pictures.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Gina... so that's where you've been! I've missed you while you were away. Loved seeing all the new things out. Thanks for sharing!

I have to confess, I will be glad when things roll back around toward English glazed chintz. I love Colefax and Fowler, Cowtan and Tout, etc. But these new fabrics are fun and fresh. I agree! :-) And of course the wallpapers are fun, too. I like the textured ones you showed us.

I was just remarking to a friend today that the design world in some sense has done itself and antique dealers a disservice by going with less is more and a contemporary, zen look. It is much easier to replicate, and people don't want "baubles" for their decor... hence, a slow down on the shopping front.

It would behoove them to bring back layered looks because then people would have to seek out all of those shiny baubles again, hire decorators, buy more wallpaper, and spend $$$! ;-) I feared this slowdown would happen when I saw magazines with homes that looked more and more like hotel lobbies and were easily copied on those terrifying "makeover" shows. ;-)

I have different "looks" in each place, but I just want to look around and find something cheerful and happy in these dreary days. That's why I love my Cowtan and Tout chintz balloon shades that are in a timeless fabric and even the silly "done on a dime" kitsch we used in our retreat. Though, I'm looking longingly at burlap of all things. I've always liked texture.

Love to you...


Sheila :-)

Amy said...

ok Gina I still haven't purchased wallpaper.. Was hoping to get it from you ..What about a textured wallpaper?

Amy said...

I have tagged you. grab the button on my blog Best Friends and send it to 5 blogs that you draw inspiration from... Keep this going!!!! You got that pik of wallpaper for me to look at? I lost your e-mail and left a comment on your other blog but haven't heard back go grab your button and have fun!!!