Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wallpaper Wednesday


Welcome to the 3rd Wallpaper Wednesday the day to do a post on WALLPAPER!






Charlie said...

Gorgeous room! Love the color palette, the wallpaper and the textiles are fab. Great pick for your Wednesday post

dustjacket attic said...

That is such a relaxing room, really! Good choice.xx

studioJudith said...

Relaxing .. . yes, indeed.
Verrry relaxing.
I like the balance & order.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That is one gorgeous room!

Gina, I don't have any wallpaper in that house, but I do in my other. I have a hallway and butler's pantry papered in a Chinese bamboo pattern (Thiabaut, I think), and the kitchen paper is Thiabaut. If I ever have time to reupholster the bamboo benches in the kitchen (that came from The Breakers) and get the corner cabinets out of there that are supposed to end up in the upstairs study AND bring the antique chest from St. A and put in there where I want to use it, then I might join you. ;-)

BTW, do you carry Nina Campbell? And if so, is her tortoise wallpaper still available? I have fallen in love with the green colourway... the green is FABULOUS. I would probably have to mortgage Mr. Magpie to get it, but just curious.


Sheila... who used Laura Ashley in my old house... there's a pattern I used in the DR that I wish they still manufactured. The color is perfect for everything. All of my china loves it. ;-)