Monday, July 27, 2009

Outlandish Companion

For nine years, four books, and nearly 4,000 pages, Diana Gabaldon has entranced readers with her talent for historical authenticity, dramatic plot lines, and strong characters in the Outlander series. Her superb writing has earned a loyal audience, but after a million and a half words, even the most fervent of fans may have a difficult time trying to recall the exact details of the secondary characters, let alone the obscure ones.
Thankfully, Gabaldon's The Outlandish Companion is here to help.
Part crib notes and part trivia guide, this essential handbook includes synopses of the first four novels, a character guide, notes on plot development and research, answers to frequently asked questions, and teasers for the upcoming novels--there're even horoscope charts of the central characters, a list of fan Web sites, and choice recipes for the truly devoted.

These are the books you see to the right. I am on the 4th book and just got the Outlandish Companion as a birthday gift. These are very very long books but once you get into the plot you are entranced to find out what happens to Jamie and Claire.


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It sounds really interesting!

Dustjacket Attic said...

No I missed them...... Ohhh honeey! They are smokin'.

Thanks :)