Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 3 Continued

Festival of Flowers

All the Flowers are AMAZING!

Now on to the winery

Kate and I having Champagne

After leaving the winery
we went back to the winding road thru the grounds to take pictures of the sheep

this is me laughing as we got stung by
as you can see Kate is quick on her toes to take a picture of me
cracking up after 3 glasses of champagne

and that concludes the wonderful day at
The Biltmore
tomorrow is shopping in Hendersonville and driving back to Charleston
Thank you to everyone who has been folowing our trip
and thank you for all the kind words and wonderful comments
xoxo gina


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Be sure to eat at Magnolia's if you get a chance, Gina! LOL!

Looks like a lot of fun...

Judith. Santa Fe said...

Vast fields of tulips .. .

Certainly worth a toast (or two!)
of champagne ... .


Charlie said...

The tulip fields are amazing!

kate said...

We sure had the perfect weather for flower looking,,, we were so lucky to see all the flowers in full bloom, its was truely wonderful!!!
I love that picture of you with the sheep..