Monday, March 9, 2009

Go Glamorous

Metallic Finishes
are no longer reserved for flashy nightclubs
they are enjoying a style revival adding shine to everything from wallpapers to textiles.
The look is pure gilded luxury and super glamorous.

So if you love style and are up for what's hot
go Metallic


Miss Kris said...

I am loving the Hot Metallic wallpapers!!! Reminds me of my youth but so Glamorous & PRETTY!!!

Also, Gina I just saw your comments today on my Flickr, you are sooo sweet. Thank you & your daughter(not sure which one) for everything you said. Sorry my thank you is over a month late.

You made my day!!! blush blush...

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I just love the change a little of wallpaper can make to a room. I love them all!

J Santa Fe said...

Gina - really love that last pic with the silver squares, which seem to have a texture change. So striking, yet subtle ... . JJjjj

Julie said...

Hello Gina
I love your posting. I am glad to find someone who loves wallpaper. not many do..(smile)


Biba said...

Wow. I love wallpaper! Although i'm never sure on actually committing to any i never get tired of looking at it. Great blog :)

Viv said...

That first photo is amazing! Great collection!

Viv xx - Artwork made with love