Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Colours determine the mood of your Interior

The colours of the floor, the ceiling and the walls have a
substantial optical impact on how you experience the space.
You can make a room seem larger, smaller,
wider, narrower, deeper, higher, lighter and warmer.

above photos by Thibaut

The value of a color is its relative to lightness or darkness.
Color value can help define one object
in contrast to a lighter color, or help create spatial illusions.
Light colors are said to recede, so it will make your small space look more spacious, and airy. Dark colors are said to move toward you, so it will bring coziness to a very cold, large room.

Neutrals can also help bring balance to your space
Neutrals provide continuity and cohesion for the different elements in the space, blending different rooms and color schemes.
Darker neutrals defuse other colors, while lighter neutrals intensify them.
Neutral tones do not have to be just stark white.
The classic neutrals are considered to be black, white, and gray,
and are classified as the "true" neutrals; the colors that are not on the color wheel.
They are considered to be a combination of all the colors in the spectrum.
Let your walls be a canvas on which to make a statement about your personality.


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Oh, I love the kitchen at the top. However, I would have to move into a house with that kitchen cause I can't do anything without adding tons of color, no matter how hard I try. I love the look, but I can't do it. Some nice inspiring looks you have provided today. xo

Miss Kris said...

Hi Lovely Gina! It's wonderful how colour affects our senses!!! Today in my studio, my walls are painted a light shade of bleu, which helps me create! I think???
~Miss Kris~

kate said...

Wonderful posting Gina, i love the
top series of neutral shades, all the rooms are lovely there. wondering what wallpaper that is???
Great job
miss ya,

vicki archer said...

What a great selection of images to illustrate the differences we can make. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on French Essence, XV.

Madison Lane said...

Thanks so much for such inspirational pictures. We would love to sell wallpaper here in SW Missouri, but it's a slow process. If they would just all look over your blog, we might have more success.