Monday, February 16, 2009

In the Lime

Color is fun. Color is exciting. Color creates moods. Knowing a few things about color can be the key to creating a beautiful home!
Stacy Garcia deep purple Flocked leaves wallpaper embellishest with a touch of LIME!
I truly love the color lime and I wanted to do a post to show different examples of how the color is being used in todays interiors. Lime looks fresh and exciting when paired with
deep blues, teal blue, whites, hot pinks, and reds.

Brand new Designers Guild

Wall Mural

Mary Mc Donalds "famous" Dining Room

York Wallcoverings Paisley and 3d leaf

Thibaut Cypress

York Baby Room

Painted little girls room

Jaima Brown Phesants

(this is what is in my Kitchen)

Jane Hess' Home

Jane Churchill

Jamie Drake

James Merrill

O & L

Mary McDonald


Basso & Brooke

Designers Guild

Amanda Nisbet

Aerin Launders Dressing room
Gracie wallpaper

Lusting after Lime
I hope everyone gets inspired to add a little or a lot of lime to your life.


Charlie said...

Wow, the rooms by Mary McDonald & Amanda Nisbet are beautiful! Aerin Lauders dressing-room is so feminine and chic, I love the gold chaise against the lime. Some of the combinations are so new I can even visualize an outfit in these colors. Great post!

Pink Slippers said...

It's funny I just went shopping and found myself picking out a lot of lime and sage. hmmm!

Valerie said...

I am a lime fan..I love the wall paper!!It is beautiful...I love the big bold prints..

Miss Kris said...

Hi Gina~

I LOVE the brand new Designers Guild Foyer paper, so pretty!!! Although, I think my favourite is Aerin Launders Dressing room~
Gracie wallpaper, I would Love to have that space!!!:)

~Miss Kris~

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Gina, Mary McDonald's dining room is stunning. I remember seeing this before and thinking that. And I love Aerin (sp) Lauder's dressing room. The Gracie paper is incredible. And that nursery is cute, too, with its York paper.

Like you, I love lime. For a special party, I had an outfit designed and made by Blair Woolverton in Jacksonville. The jacket is a teal, elbow length in linen, and the skirt is handpainted silk with greens, teals and peachy pinks (among other colors) in it. It almost has the look of a William Morris print, but more contemporary.

I loved looking at all of this...

Sheila :-)

paper aeroplane said...

Wow Gina, so glad I found your blog! Love that green. Beautiful! I will be back!
Shanyn xo

Porchlight Interiors said...

I agree with Charlie and sheila. These rooms are so lovely. Lime green is a very fresh colour and happy. Hayley

Tina said...

Mary McDonald's dining room is divine! loving all the green wallpapers, so refreshing!

Blair said...

I have definitely never thought of lime as a color to inject into a space but you definitley have changed me mind:)

Linens and Laurel said...

Excellent color combinations. So fresh and happy. I would like to feature you on my blog tomorrow. May I use a pic from your website to provide a portal to your website for my readers? I will link them back to the blog, also. Nancy

Willow Decor: said...

So pretty! my favorite is the Thibaut Cypress - so soothing!

sandra/tx said...

I like the Mary McDonald rooms. I love it when striped wallpaper is hung horizontally.

Amy Jemima said...

Great finds Gina! Now have the strong desire to chance some of my mosses to lime!

OLIVEAUX said...

so beautiful! These are all stunning & love Aerin Lauder's dressing room & Mary MacDonald. Loved reading this post! Amanda x