Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hand Painted Wallpaper Murals

Paul Montgomery Studio's European Panoramics Collection is a range of beautiful hand- painted wallpaper murals which currently includes 10 designs. The designs are mostly based on the original 18th Century French hand blocked wallpapers which were well known in Europe and are still popular today. Paul Montgomery Studio's talented artists cleverly hand paint each mural panel in a style that emulates the European wood block print effect. The murals are subtle in coloration and sophisticated in design and are suitable for most interior applications. They are truly works of art.


Paysage Francaise

Old Canton

French at War

Tour de Monde

Views of Italy




Miss Kris said...

Hi Gina~

A BIG WOW!!! Love, love these, especially the last one, Pastorale. Would love this in a dining room. Sophisticated Chic!!!

kate said...

thanks for posting this!! I had the honor once of touring Paul Montgomery studio when he was based in Sarasota, what a talent, still done in the old world way with pins
i love the hunt of course and the passage to france,

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Frost Eva said...

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