Friday, December 12, 2008

I've been challenged by Kate

So the challenge is to tell you seven things about myself and then challenge others to do the same.

1. I am married to a great guy Bobby and we have 4 girls. That's right I said 4 girls no boys. I tried very hard for a son but it just wasn't meant. When I found out with my last pregnancy that I was having a girl I was very upset because I knew this was the last one and it wasn't a boy. After many days of crying I accepted the results and moved forward. What was I going to do with a boy anyway after having 3 girls I knew what to expect and had all the clothes etc. for a girl. Now that she is here I wouldn't have it any other way. Girls are a pure JOY.
Hannah 13, Emalie 11, Natalie 5 and Jessica 2.

2. I own a wallpaper store in downtown Sarasota and I have a passion for wallpaper.

3. I love chocolate and I love to bake chocolaty things. esp. chocolate chip cookies. I have a great recipe they are thin, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. mmmm.....

4. My favorite food is Italian. I love chicken parm. with homemade sunday gravy from scratch, chicken piccata, braciola, wild mushroom and ravioli. If my family would let me I would eat and make Italian food everynight.

5. I love to read but with a big family, my wallpaper store and just getting thru the day I only read at night after everyone has gone to bed usually by 9pm. I just finished reading the Twilight series and I am an Edward Cullen fan! My favorite movie of all time is You've got mail".

6. I love country music and I love Trisha Yearwood. I just bought her new cookbook Georgia cooking in a Oklahoma kitchen. I can't wait to make her blackberry cobbler this summer when the berries are in.

7.I am going to visit my Best Friend Kate ( who just moved to Charleston and has challenged me) in April we are going to visit the Biltmore House during the Festival of Flowers. I can't wait!

I am going to challenge a few blogs I enjoy:

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