Saturday, November 15, 2008


Vertically or Horizontally they are great!

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Kate said...

Hey - I'm so glad I checked out your blog. I love, love, love your wallpaper. I normally hate wallpaper, so a few weeks ago when I came home from an appointment and told hubby that I wanted to put up wallpaper in the dining room he thought I had been kidnapped by aliens. I was at an appointment and had forgotten to bring my book so I ended up looking through some magazines and there was an article about funky wallpaper in there. So anyway, love the wallpaper. Can people order online through your store? I'm not going to be redoing the dining room until probably this coming spring because we are actually building on an addition to the dining room that'll be a second bathroom and laundry room, so I won't be doing the dining room until after my husband successfully cuts a hole in my wall for the bathroom!